March Heroines 2.0: Blessing Ohaeri

Name: Blessing Ohaeri
Country: Nigeria
Profession: Medical Laboratory scientist
Instagram: @bl.essing6596

Blessing is a young graduate volunteering at a community health center in the town of Limbe.

She is a young health professional who loves engaging in volunteer work which is why she partook in the First Aid volunteers training by the Red Cross in December 2020.

Blessing is a member and a huge fan of the themes and works of#10daysBodyTalk#movement because she knows how it feels to live in self doubt and to have a voice which can go only as far as your head (haha). Hence she’s passionate about self growth and development.

She also enjoys Entrepreneurship and is finding her way towards becoming an experienced one.

Blessing is motivated by her need to be helpful to others and her society. She’s also very attracted to success stories because it’s a reminder that no dream is too big to accomplish and hopes to inspire others as they do her.

#womensmonth #womeninspiringwomen #womensday #MarchHeroines #bodytalk

Read about our Day1 Heroine, Dr Ameaka Fatima here.

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