March Heroines 2.0: Dr Mbi Vanessa

Name: Fozao Mbi Vanessa
Country: Cameroon
Profession: Medical Doctor, Writer
Twitter: @FozaoMbi

Dr Vanessa is a 26 year old medical doctor with the CBC Health services. Growing up, it was her desire to render services and care for those in need. Her dream was realized when she started practicing medicine almost two years ago.

You know we are all given opportunities, but sadly some people don’t have such opportunities”


Haven had the chance to serve in remote areas and conflict-affected areas, it is clear to her that the work is much yet the laborers are few.

She is also passionate about writing. She has written health content for HERO Cameroon as well as several health blogs and is one of the main content creators for #bodytalk. She helped develop the curriculum of our #10DaysofBodyTalk 2020 program. She also won 3rd prize for the Sama Randy Writing Contest in 2019. Through her words she wishes nothing more than to educate the masses. While one doctor cannot make a hospital, this super doc can only shine her light.

Learn more about Dr V in this article by CBC health services

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