Day5: I Wish My Mom had Told Me…

This was a very special one. My Two-Pennies Starting off with the Sia Written, Beyoncé performed hit song, 'Pretty Hurts': "Mama said, you're a pretty girl What's in your head it doesn't matter Brush your hair, fix your teeth What you wear is all that matters…" You might think "My mom never said that. She … Continue reading Day5: I Wish My Mom had Told Me…

Inspiration of the Day: Diets

As a follow-up to my post on the danger in dieting, I found this really good. Will definitely be coming back for more

Christina Frangione Nutrition Therapy

You’ve probably seen posts like this while scrolling social media:

I Donut Care About Your Diet
“I don’t care about your diet”. I’ve made posts like this before, but I always want to add an asterisk. I don’t care about society’s newest diet for weight loss or to live longer. I don’t care about the fads and the gimmicks. I don’t care about the diets a person goes on for a couple of days and then gets sick of and eats all the foods they weren’t allowed. I don’t care about the latest trendy food products which adhere to certain diets. I simply don’t care. Since these diets aren’t sustainable, I know it’s not going to last, and I’m way more interested in what cool projects people are working on, what books they’re reading, what interesting conversations they’re having… basically I’m interested in everything other than what they’re not allowing themselves to eat that day.


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Day 3: Do I look Fat??

Feeling a Little lost? 😦 Start here: Revisiting #10DaysofBodyTalk This was soo my 'Day' lol and to say it was a hit is an understatement. I started by sharing some content I adopted from my favorite go-to source: The Mantra How we feel about ourselves is often related to the reflection in that mirror or … Continue reading Day 3: Do I look Fat??