Youngvoices aloud n’ Allowed: Doreen’s Voice

We are still facing the consequences of how HIV was first handled. I have reactions like HIV is not a big deal. But if it wasn't a big deal, we wouldn't still be talking about it. Now we have generations of people who have to unlearn information about HIV. That's why a campaign like this is important. Living with HIV is a rollercoaster. Life does not spare you because you are living with HIV. We spend our lives asking people to love us the way we are when we can't do the same for ourselves. Doreen


When it comes to HIV, I think most people have information about the transmission of HIV; however, when it comes to living with HIV and living with people living with HIV, we still have a challenge and stigma sets in. There is still a lot of fear, so much so that people living with HIV hide their statuses, and when family members find out, they are stigmatized. Even though people claim to know about HIV and do their tests regularly, they still have little or no idea how to help those infected.' Habiba

YOUNG VOICES ALOud n’ Allowed: M’s Story

When I was 16, I started showing symptoms of Tuberculosis. When we went to the hospital to run some tests, we discovered I had both TB and HIV. It hurt. My first reaction was to cry. And the first question I asked the doctor was, “What will others say of me? Where am I going to say I got this?”

YOunGVOICES against HIV: J’s StORy

J is a young Cameroonian peer educator and clinical mentor for young people living with HIV. Despite his active involvement in the fight against HIV, he prefers to keep his status secret for fear of judgement. J agreed to share his story with us anonymously in the hope that it makes a difference. J's story is the first in a series of five stories young people we shall publish to show how stigma manifests.

Adolescent girls and young women engaging district health representatives

A REPORT ON THE MEETING AT THE TIKO DISTRICT HEALTH SERVICE, CMA HOLTHFORD On December 3rd 2021, four of our adolescent girls and young women, Luduida Ngon Dora, Christelle Besong and Abate Nalthei, including our project officer and fellow AGYW Thiam Emmanuelle, had a working visit to the Tiko District Health Service, at CMA Holforth, … Continue reading Adolescent girls and young women engaging district health representatives