BodyTalk 5th Anniversary Women’s Conference

THEME: More Than a Body: Redefining Body Image, Self-Esteem, & Sexual Health

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About the Conference

Body image is part of sexuality – how we feel about our bodies. The way we see our bodies has a significant influence on us every day, including our decisions. People who feel bad about their bodies sometimes make sexually unhealthy decisions. Nevertheless, the better one feels, the better the decisions you will make.

The ‘More Than a Body’ conference aims to create an empowering space for women to redefine societal standards & embrace their true selves beyond physical appearance. This conference recognizes the critical importance of body image, self-esteem, & sexual health in women’s lives & seeks to provide education, support, & inspiration. It is hosted by Bodytalk International to bring women together from Cameroon & elsewhere in celebration of its 5th Anniversary.

Objectives: What We Hope to Achieve

1. Challenging Beauty Standards: By questioning societal norms, we aim to promote diverse representations of beauty, celebrating individuality, & embracing all body types & identities.

2. Enhancing Self-Esteem: We will provide practical tools & strategies to boost self-esteem, foster self-acceptance, & cultivate a positive relationship with one’s body & inner self.

3. Empowering Sexual Health: Through comprehensive seminars & discussions, we will provide knowledge on reproductive health, safe relationships, consent, pleasure, & empowerment, encouraging women to make informed choices.

4. Building a Supportive Network: The conference will facilitate open & inclusive discussions, sharing personal stories, & creating a network of support, allowing women to learn from each other & build lasting connections.

Conference Highlights: What’s in it for Attendees?

  • Inspiring Keynote Speeches & Panel Discussions by renowned experts, activists, & influencers
  • Interactive Workshops on mindfulness, self-care, body-positive exercises, art therapy, & self-expression.
  • Educational Seminars on sexual health, debunking myths, & empowering women with accurate information.
  • Personal Stories & Inspirational Talks to foster resilience, self-acceptance, & empowerment.
  • Discussion Forums & Support Circles to encourage open conversations & provide a safe space for sharing experiences beyond the conference.
  • A Bonfire night: This side event provides additional Networking Opportunities to connect with other women & organizations & professionals dedicated to body positivity, mental health, & sexual well-being.

Target Audience: Who can attend?

The conference is open to girls & women of all ages, & backgrounds who are interested in exploring the themes of body image, self-esteem, & sexual health. Students are especially encouraged to attend. Scholarship opportunities may be available.

Attendance Details

Date: 17th June 2023 from 9.00am (Bonfire will be on the eve of the conference or the same day in the evening. Details will be communicated to registered attendees.)

Venue: CBC Resource Center, Yaoundé

Registration: Participants can register online with a registration fee of 10,000FCFA (20$)

Registration covers the following:

  • Lunch & snacks
  • Writing materials, including customized notebooks
  • Access to all conference content & freebies
  • Access to a Bonfire night fun& networking event with a free drink

Registration does not cover transportation to & from the conference or lodging. However, BodyTalk can help attendees make arrangements. Please use the contacts we provide.

Registration link:

How You Can Support

We have created Merch for the conference & beyond available for purchase by anyone.

  • T-shirts: 5000frs
  • Mugs: 3500frs
  • Hoodies: 15000frs
  • #10daysofBodyTalk Workbook: coming soon

Purchasing these items is different from paying for registration. However, purchasing more than 5 items (for a purchase of up to 50,000FCFA) makes you eligible for a free conference ticket.

Partnership opportunities are also available.

Special Details for BodyTalk Members

  • Students who are registered BodyTalk members (have paid their yearly registration fee of 2500FCFA through are eligible for a 50% conference discount. i.e., they will pay 5000FCFA instead of 10,000FCFA
  • Workers who are registered BodyTalk members are eligible for a 5% discount on every merch purchased. However, they will pay full conference fees.

For payments:

Nkempu Roka +237 6 92 08 41 37/ +237 6 75 79 45 15

For partnerships or more information:

Dr Ameaka Fatima:  +237 6 75 01 91 42 / +237 6 95 48 89 89 or    

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