March Heroines 2.0: Dr Ameaka Fatima

Name: Ameaka Fatima Nkempu
Country: Cameroon
Profession: Pharmacist
FB: @ameakafatima

Dr Ameaka is a young pharmacist, writer and bodypositive activist. A creative and determined young health professional with multiple passions, Ameaka currently works in the public health sector where she focuses on the medical logistics in public health programs such as COVID-19.

In 2017 while in school she started a social media campaign on body image called #10DaysofBodyTalk which became an organization, BodyTalk which focuses on peer education for adolescent girls and young women on body image, self-esteem and sexual health. It was impacted over 2350 girls through an online learning forum, health education materials for digital media, and community outreach programs.

She writes most of content and graphics for its projects. It is a network of over 240 members from around the world and was nominated for Best Social Media campaign at the BDMAs 2020.

Ameaka is motivated by her desire to use her skills and knowledge to ‘make dreams possible’
She was editor-in-chief of the Medium publication, Self-ish for two years which a community of young African writers.

She is a Women Leaders in Global Health 2019 scholar, member of the Commonwealth Youth Gender and Equality Network, YALI West Africa 2021 fellow, part of the Cameroon Youth Coalition Against COVID-19 which was awarded best youth-led COVID-19 response on International Youth Day 2020.

Connect with Ameaka on:

Medium, LinkedIn or Twitter.

#womeninspiringwomen #bodytalk #MarchHeroines #womensmonth #womensday

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