Imagine a world where loving yourself is the rule, instead of the exception; where nothing about your beautifully crafted body is taboo.

We want that world. We are creating that world; brick by brick. Join Us.

If you can’t come to us, we’ll go to you.
We are bringing our maiden project on Body Image, Self Esteem and Sexual Health to You!

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#Bodytalk is a social media  Self-Awareness and Advocacy campaign which has exploded into a community and is becoming a movement. We are a peer education Organization.


#Bodytalk started as one girl’s realization that loving oneself didn’t have to be reserved for real life Barbies and Wonder woman; that we ordinary girls could try it too. Also, that we don’t always have to succeed, because it is an ongoing process, but that knowledge, that moment is where the journey starts.


So you want in but still don’t get it? Let me walk you through.


Body Image,

Body Positivity…

Never heard of those?? It might sound like rocket science but it’s not that complicated.

We are just a group of young people learning about who we are in this crazy world and sharing our experiences as we go along.

It would be great to add your voice to the mix!


This association is to educate women and young girls on positive body image, sexual and reproductive health and to promote women’s rights.


To train and educate young people on developmental issues affecting them such as health and social influence.

main objectives

  • To educate women and girls to accept their bodies through positive body image and self-confidence.
  • To train young people, especially women and girls on Sexual and Reproductive health issues influencing their everyday life.
  • To create awareness on social issues relating to health and gender.
  • Create a platform where women and young girls could discuss on issues relating to them.

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Meet the Gang

Hear what some of #TeamBodyTalk has to say!

Great initiative on body positivity. Way to go with this mammoth task you have undertaken and keep the fight. We need to respect people’s preferences and not feel any less about ourselves just because we’re not their fit.

Baweh Biyeh

Poor Self-image, negativity, low self-esteem, too keen to people’s opinion, things I was so familiar with till December 2017 when I joined BodyTalk. Self-love, self-confidence and personal development are my new mantras. Love it!

Tekoh Blessing