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Want to fall in love with yourself and boost your self-esteem while learning the ins and outs out of your body?

We just launched Session 3 starting this MARCH 2023!

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Join an amazing community of girls and young women from Cameroon and all over Africa for #10DayofBodyTalk this March 2023.

#10DaysofBodyTalk is an interactive program on: Body Image, Self- Esteem and Sexual Health through peer learning in a fun and safe space.

Started as a social media campaign in 2017, it consists of 10 Topics or ‘Days’  spread over a longer period. The campaign includes sharing posters, experiences, quotes, write-ups as well as specific tasks on several aspects of these three key themes.

As the flagship program which started the whole movement of BodyTalk, it holds a special place and is the heart of our work.

Body Image

Want to feel comfortable in your skin and stop comparing yourself to impossible beauty standards? We’ll help you!

Self esteem

Self acceptance is the first step to building your confidence. Find sisters on the same journey as you.

Sexual Health

Nothing about your body has to be a mystery. Learn about how your most intimate system reveals so much as you.

Poor Self-image, negativity, low self-esteem, too keen to people’s opinion, things I was so familiar with till December 2017 when I joined BodyTalk. Self-love, self-confidence and personal development are my new mantras. Love it!

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1. What is #10DaysofBodyTalk?

#10DaysofBodyTalk is a social media campaign on Body Image and Self Esteem started in 2017. It consists of 10 Topics or ‘Days’  spread over a longer period. The campaign includes sharing posters, experiences, quotes and write-ups on several aspects of Body image, Self-Esteem and Sexual Health as well as having an interactive platform for conversations and peer learning.

The 2023 edition targets 300 adolescent girls and young women between the ages of 16 and 30 in Cameroon and other African countries.

2. Who is the Founder of BodyTalk?

BodyTalk was founded by a young Cameroonian female, Dr Ameaka Fatima (@ameakaf) in 2017 after her own experiences with body image and low self-esteem.

3. How can I be a part of the Program?

You can be a part by signing up here. Check Point 7 to see if you fit what we need.

4. How long is the Program?

The program is for 5 weeks and shall run from August to September 2020. Stay tuned for specific dates.

5. Where will the program hold?

This version of the program is completely online. Via email and social media (Telegram, Facebook and Instagram). Participants shall receive emails or messages twice weekly and be required to take part in discussions on a WhatsApp group.

6. What is expected of me if I sign up?

Be available online for two hours at least twice a week and complete tasks. But don’t worry! we are aware of the difficulties most Africans with the quality and cost of data. We will keep the timing flexible.

7. Who can sign up?

 Adolescent girls and young women from Cameroon and other African countries between the ages of 16 and 30 are encouraged to sign up. Not sure if you fit? Contact us with your worry at info@bodytalkinternational.org

8. What is the goal of this program?

Our goal for this edition is to empower Adolescent girls and young women through peer education to cultivate positive body image, develop self-esteem and promote sexual health awareness.  

9. What kinds of discussions can I expect?

We want to collect stories and give girls a chance to meaningfully engage with decision-makers. Active Participants shall be become Program Ambassadors and have a chance to attend high-level meetings and understand Country programs and policies on adolescent and sexual health.*
This is restricted to participants in Cameroon only.

Curious about the topics of discussions? Have a sneak peek through our blog.

10. Who’s sponsoring the Program?

This program was run with support from Her Voice from 2020 to 2022.

BodyTalk is fully run by volunteers, passionate young women who take out time from their daily lives to do the amazing work we do with nothing but a reward of a job well done as pay.

Current/Past Sponsors: