My Five Best Songs to Heal the ‘Body Blues’.

Everyone has those days, you know the ones where you don't just feel like getting out of bed and when you finally do, a stranger greets you in the mirror. You look horrible; like did all that acne just sprout up over-night?? or did your eyes always look so blood-shot? And it doesn't end there. … Continue reading My Five Best Songs to Heal the ‘Body Blues’.

Day 3: Do I look Fat??

Feeling a Little lost? 😦 Start here: Revisiting #10DaysofBodyTalk This was soo my 'Day' lol and to say it was a hit is an understatement. I started by sharing some content I adopted from my favorite go-to source: The Mantra How we feel about ourselves is often related to the reflection in that mirror or … Continue reading Day 3: Do I look Fat??

Day1: Body Myths

So this is Day 1 of Revisiting #10DaysofBodyTalk. The Blues I thought the first day was going to be a disaster, seriously. My phone woke up that morning and decided to go dead and I panicked. I had spent the previous night creating a poster on Canva which I now couldn't share, there was a … Continue reading Day1: Body Myths