Revisiting #10DaysofBodyTalk

Or as friend said, 100in10 Days of BodyTalk. Very funny.

What was it all about?

This is an initiative on Body Positivity I came up with after my own personal experience and lots of conversations with friends.

It took the form of a Social Media Awareness Campaign. This Social Media campaign was mainly on two platforms: Facebook with the hashtag: #10DaysofBodyTalk and as a group on the mobile chat app: Whatsapp.

Why? Really.

It is only natural to want to feel good about our bodies and our appearance; creating our own style makes us feel unique and allows us to reflect our values but so many times we are faced with difficult questions:

  • How do we keep a positive attitude when we are constantly being judged?
  • Is there a way to deal with the pressure to act and look a certain way to fit in?
  • How can we change a society that seems to value appearance more than anything?

As women, we are judged for how we look at every point in our lives. We as young women are especially vulnerable; we compare ourselves or are compared to our sisters, friends, media personalities etc. Our hair, our size, our colour, every aspect is always under scrutiny.

Hence the idea of this campaign and starting a conversation. I do hope it moves you.
The 10 day concept was spread over a longer period. The campaign was really just about sharing; posters,experiences, quotes and a few write-ups on several aspects of Body image. I wanted to start the conversation in my own little space, among my peers. I am glad it has grown and changed so many people, including me. I set out to educate people but I ended up becoming the best student, just soaking up all of the love and truth and honesty that poured out in my conversations with these other young women.

It’s your turn to learn, and why not add your voice? If not for yourself, for the woman next to you and your little girl looking up to you.

The conversations

The topics we discussed were divided into ‘days’ which usually ran for a week or more. I can’t wait to bring you tidbits of all that we shared.

  1. Body Myths
  2. The color of Beauty
  3. Do I Look Fat?
  4. The Danger in Dieting
  5. I wish my mom had told me…
  6. Media Distortions
  7. The Whys and Hows of Exercise
  8. How well do we really know our Bodies?
  9. Building Confidence
  10. Are You Ready to Walk Alone?

Hope you are as excited as I am!

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