Day6: Media Distortions

Thanks for sticking with me this far.

It’s the 21st century and the world has become connected like never before. News, Information and Images move from one end of the globe to another at the speed of light. Everyone is on their phones, their eyes glued to their TV screens on a daily basis. We consume mass media like a drug and we keep wanting more.

Our thoughts, our actions, our behavior are becoming shaped in a different way every day. Some of these may be good, and others…

One of the most important influence is our definition of beauty.

I’d already mentioned this in a previous post. But I want to the take it further to say: not only are the standards presented by the media unrealistic for an average person, they are also ‘unreal’. Images in adverts are photo shopped, airbrushed and you name it to look thinner, fairer, brighter etc.

“I see them magazines working that photoshop,
you know that shit ain’t real,
come on now, make it stop.”

Meghan Trainor, All About that Bass

Social media has become a whole new warzone. Filters, Photo editing to change skin tone, remove acne, draw brows, shape cheeks and the sickening list goes on. In this rat race to look better, better, do you recognize who you are in the mirror anymore??

…I generally wear a little natural makeup on a daily basis. But I don’t wear it to cover my imperfections. I do it to enhance what is already there, what is already beautiful, what is already naturally mine…But I certainly never feel as though I need more makeup after I’ve already applied it. And I certainly never feel as though I need technology to help me out with what I literally can’t fix in reality.

Bethany, Taxis, Tots and Polka Dots Blog

Raise awareness about the truth in advertising. Sit up and take notice. The beauty brand Dove has been doing wonderful work so far.

Challenge the status quo for a moment. Refuse to be sold. Why keep buying into what’s fake?? Try #NofilterNopose. Try posting a real picture of yourself. Embrace your imperfections today!

#BodyTalk Chat Reactions

  • Not hiding:

I love make up but don’t use make-up to cover up.
_E. Kate

  • Confident enough to go bare:

Make up to me, is a work of art, well crafted and used for references. A beautiful thing we do to add value to what we see every day. Do the makeup, and the makedown, but still just be yourself. Do not let the artificial define how you look, look that way because you love you, because you trust you and because you are proud of what you have to offer. I love makeup , but I love me more and I don’t hesitate to go natural some days.

I think the debate is not if you like makeup or not, it’s not even about makeup. Here it is,

“How have we let media especially social media sell us such a fake image of ourselves that we will do anything to look other than the way we are without even knowing our personal reasons? Be it makeup, filters whatever”.

These things in themselves aren’t so bad.

But what message are those who put them out there trying to sell us? Is it your skin must be whitened before you are fit for public viewing, modify this, change that, add this? That’s what makes me mad!

That I can’t even recognize friend requests on Facebook from people I’m supposed to know because they look nothing like themselves!

That said, I just wanted it to be an eye opener. Time for us to consider why we do certain things. If you have your reasons, then good. But there’s some little girl out there whose inspiration lives on TV. How do you tell her, “All that’s an illusion“, if you’ve also been bought into it?

If you missed the beginning, start here and there’s a special one coming up so wait for it! Later!

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