No Period Drama Campaign

Poor Menstrual hygiene caused by lack of education, persisting taboos and stigma, limited access to hygienic menstrual products and poor sanitation infrastructure undermines the health of women and girls around the world. This is especially true for Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa in particular. There is therefore a need for accurate and easily accessible information to raise awareness amongst girls and institutions.

A 28-day advocacy and awareness campaign was carried out targeting 5000 people online and at least 500 offline. Tools used included social and traditional media, school visits and workshops. The message consisted of basic concepts around menstruation and proper hygiene. It also included breaking myths and misconceptions around the subject wile looking at it as both a health and social issue.

Why do we need to talk about periods?

Over 5000 people were reached online using Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp groups and WordPress through daily educational content. Talks were broadcast on three radio shows and four TV programs. Three schools and two youth groups in three towns were addressed with an audience of both sexes ranging from 7 to 26 years of age. Three workshops were held in three towns with Health Professionals and Other Stakeholders as speakers. Reusable Pads were distributed to 100 girls. Overall, 1000 people were reached through physical activities.

A full report on this compaign can be accessed here:

social media highlights

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