YoungVoices: Our new HIV digital campaign with One by One 2030

Bodytalk’s new project YoungVoices: Aloud n Allowed 📢 will join The Access Challenge through the One By One 2030 initiative to fight HIV stigma. The objective is to increase the reach of information about the effects of HIV stigma on African youth aged 15 to 29 on digital media.

The One by One: HIV Digital Advocacy for Youth Campaign is creative community-level digital engagement programs around HIV education, awareness and prevention tailored to empower African youth. The Campaign aims to combat HIV-related stigma among African youth while spreading positive, educational messages around access to HIV testing, prevention and treatment.

Its about young people bringing their own innovative ideas for tackling HIV stigma and discrimination that African youth face.

And guess who are a part of this?😊 we are!

BodyTalk_Let’s TalkBody is one of four creators across Africa that will join The Access Challenge through the One By One 2030 to fight HIV stigma and promote SRHR knowledge in digital spaces in a fun and creative way starting 20th June 2022.

We aim to reduce the stigma around HIV and reproductive health by amplifying the voices of young Africans through digital spaces.

We shall be sharing 5 stories of young people to show how stigma manifests, use memes and a comedy skit to learn about HIV testing, prevention and treatment and get to listen to you, yes, you!

We need your voice and innovative ideas to tackle stigma and discrimination around sexual and reproductive health.

Together, we would be A’ loud and we are Allowed! .




Campaign poster

Check out our IG for latest campign content:

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