As I began To Love Myself

I came across this inspiring article through a link on another blog that was shared by a friend. It so moved me that I decided to get creative and made a series of social posters to share with my friends and spread the love. And I decided to share with you too.

‘As I Began to Love Myself‘ is a affirmative poem by Charlie Chaplin that is at once deep and so true and it definitely reads like my #2019ToDo. Who wants to join in? 10 steps are all it takes,

The End!

Told you it was pretty inspiring. You can find the word version here.

So which are you making your #2019ToDo? Share with me in the comments

4 thoughts on “As I began To Love Myself

  1. Great indepths expressed. Quite imparting. I love your zeal n knowledge geared towards creating impact in fellow woman. Thanks so much my dear I’ve just learnt a lot only from this page.Besides, the Body Talk family has been won derful to me.

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  2. My favorite is definitely the quote on RESPECT. It gets to me on a a very personal level. And of course, there is the very last quote that always makes me laugh. #loveit…
    Finally, I feel like using just one isn’t enough. So, I have decided that I shall use them all. LoL.

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