Query or quarry… whatever the case, life plays on us in ways we least expect. It could be the weather or the whether. Fact is there is no fact in this case. She felt alone and abandoned. It did not really matter what they had to say but at this moment it made no sense that everyone had something to say about her life. The sad part is, it felt like she was equally a stranger to the story. Moments she could hardly reconcile; lies rapped around in truths and truths so carefully misplaced. All the tears and smashing of teeth for justification only made this feeling worse. In the calmness of the night and sobriety of her bosom, she insisted her past was not her present reality.

True, her life had defining factors but from the day she defined her factors, she got her facts straight; she saw life for what it really was. But could these account for her shortcomings? Perhaps she could take the time and shift the longer hand of the clock. But yes indeed time is a determining factor. Pulling back the longest hand has the greatest impact but can never bring back the people to the scene. In as much as time is important, people too count so much. In a day, she would have to justify why it was her name on their lips and why it sounded true. Was it actually true?

Rose mumbled, “Maybe I indeed made those errors. Certainly there was a time of craziness. I could have sworn my subconscious still admits it sometimes. Even that will be a fou. Just as I am I have decided to keep going. Worrying about these issues have never acted kindly to me. Never did it increase the length of my hair or help reduce it as the case maybe. Yes it made me seem more of a person for always thinking of them but why waste time on the things that won’t change for the simple fact that I thought of them?”

Then we played nail or hail. All I did was hail but all my positive gestures got aborted as I always got the nail so hard on the head. It hit me, “it’s not about them but me. I turned to retaliate but it further rained the hurt. I asked myself to wake up from the dream already. The harder I pinched, I only noticed I got sores.” The sanctity of all these dilutions felt like sanity. Let the wind blow so that the anus of the pigeon will be seen. I am tired of hippocracy. Let us see the real story.”

My version is simple, I went out early and got home late. This is because I had to catch up in the library after school. I equally spent a few at the book club where I read to the old lovelies. One time on my way home, I has a horrible fall in front of my house from the slippery surrounding. Mrs Perkins, one of the old lovelies asked her driver to bring me home once in a while when the weather was not suiting. She even asked him to give me pocket change on most days.

Madame Crohn’s version says “She went out in the morning and only came back late at night. This is because she spent all her time from one man’s house to the next. On some days when she got so drunk,she will even fall in front of her own door I mean who does that? Worst is, being brought home by different men almost every other night and taking money from them. Is that not prostitution??”

Both stories have the same plot and same people involved. Notice it sounds the same but completely different. You see why she had the right to be muddled. She could be quick to pull back the hands of time but can she bring back the people to say the story as it was? Madame Crohn’s story Gaines more popularity. Maybe doe the simple reason people hope to see the worst in others.

This brings me to the point; what did you hear? What did u say? What led to the discussion? What made you believe it?
We are mature enough to make decisions. We should pay heed to what we hear and how we react about them. Consider at every moment that a person’s image is at stake.



Gossip. It is simply idle talk. Mostly about someone when they are not there. Like the bees buzz, that’s how gossip actually sounds to the ears. Sad part is it feels so sweet in the mouth. It is so smoothly crafted.


People gossip doe several reasons example:

  • To gain favor
  • To destroy a relationship
  • Just for fun
  • For money.

Just to name a few. Notice all the reasons above are for selfish gain. This mere act puts lots of people in harm’s way.


You know some people call this small talk. The sad thing is one small talk leads to another then another then another and before you know it? U have even mentioned your name in the hearsay. Like every unhealthy thing, there are side effects and these include;

  • Deformation of character
  • Distorts  friendship
  • Death
  • etc. 

 “Gossip reflects the insecurity of those who initiate it.” 

_Oprah Winfrey 

Instead of talking to me about it, you prefer to tell everyone else about me. How does this help?

Nana, the oldest in the area after seeing what was going on, summoned  both ladies to talk freely. At this time, Madame Crohn claimed she witnessed all she witnessed though she was not sure of the details. Madame Nana asked, “So why did you spread it when you were not sure?”

“Well, it was a fool’s day and I had to pick a story that stands out. I was waiting for noon to tell Isabel is was April fool’s joke.”

Oh all this for the fool’s day. Crazy things we can do. Like I said gossip is sweet and travels so fast that is how the whole area and beyond heard that Rose was into prostitution.

We should mind what we say and consider the image of others before we talk. Happy first.


 Fozao Mbi Vanessa.


15 thoughts on “HOAXES

  1. Wooooaw this is an impeccable pen Vanessa. I adored and worshipped very line of it as I digested every word. These are truly talking ink drops from a ballads pen. Now I see who you truly are.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful piece Van.
    The poetic part of u i just discovered. It’s attraction got me reading till the end.
    U should come up with more of such💪🏾.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hihi. Thanks, dear. I too am just getting to understand the poetic part of me and I will explore it. Thanks for the read.


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