Milk and Honey

Poetry, poetry and more poetry!

Today in our ‘Celebrating Women Through Poetry’ Series, we are taking on a unique poet with quite a distinct style. Rupi Kuar’s ‘Milk and Honey’ is a collection of poetry with unconventional lines and startling impact.

  1. On Speaking Out
the hurting

2. On owning your body

the healing

3. On respecting other women

the healing

4. On Motherhood

the loving

Rupi Kaur (born October 4, 1992) is an Indian-born Canadian poet, writer, illustrator, and performer. Her debut book, a collection of poetry and prose titled Milk and Honey, was published in 2014

Which of the above poems is your favorite and why? Let’s chat!

4 thoughts on “Milk and Honey

  1. First one is my fav. Definitely!
    Too many times have we been asked to be quiet. To talk less, to take our place. But where is our place if it’s not at place of action?

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