Wheww! The countdown has been heated so far and I hope you are thirsty for more of ‘Celebrating Women Through Poetry’ right here.

So far our poetry has been by women, for women so how about we let a man adore us as only men can do? Pierre Jeanty is the man for the Job. His collection of short verses titled ‘Her’ is a celebration of woman in all her complexity. I was spoiled for choice but I had to go with four great options.

She’s a poetry book. 

You must read every letter,
and digest every word.

Every part of her paints
a part of a bigger picture.

You can’t love her,
if you do not intend on
reading every page
and learning how to
comprehend every piece of her.

You’re priceless, not a dime.
Never change that for some dollars.

You are more than a diva.

Do not wrestle against the idea of being a
good woman and settle for being a bad chick.

It’s not her shape,
her face, or her hair
that makes her beautiful.

Neither is it the smoothness of her skin,
the boldness when she stands or the
perseverance in her heart.

But the condition of her heart, the
gratitude she lives by and her love for God.

She isn’t meant
to be handled
with caution,
but to be loved hard.

She is to be
passionate about,
caressed deep down
to her soul
and understood
in her silence

Pierre Alex Jeanty, founder of Gentlemenhood™ and CEO of Jeanius Publishing, is a Haitian-American author, influencer, and entrepreneur. He is the author of ‘Her, ‘Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman’ and ‘To the Women I Once Loved’

Which was your favorite and why? Let’s chat!

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