Building Self Confidence

We have talked so much about self acceptance, setting personal standards, challenging stereotypes and many other cool stuff. Most of us found several new and challenging ideas that we need to work on. So we’ve all learnt a lot.

But here’s the thing: it’s ok to say all these things. We have all the building blocks, but how do you go about Building Confidence in real life?
Hey! Don’t look at me, I’m no expert. Okay, I guess I do have a few personal pointers…

1. Start on the inside.

You can’t fake-change. Start by being absolutely convinced of the truth about yourself.

2. It is not a day’s job.

You know what you now know, good. But every day you will be faced with the same negative ideas you’ve been fighting to push away. Don’t give up.

3. Deal with the bad days.

Yeah, we all have mornings where we wake up, look at ourselves in the mirror and think, “Who am I kidding??? I look like Crap!” (which will probably be true but there will be other days I promise.)

4. Pull others in.

What I mean is tell someone else how everything you’ve learnt has been such an eye-opener (I hope?) and how you’ve decided to live your life differently.

5. Catch yourself.

Whenever you’re about to make a negative remark about yourself or someone else’s body, think again.

6. Skip the ‘fat’ talk.

Shift the conversation from weight to wellbeing. ‘Fat’ is not a term for depression, it’s a body size, accept it.

7. Check your crowd.

If you are hanging out with people who always reenforce all your self doubts, move on!

8. Listen to your body. Know when its time to get worried. Loving your body means taking care of it. Have the courage to accept when you’re doing it wrong.

9. Get help.

If you can’t do it on your own, you don’t have to.

10. Mind over matter.

My favorite line which means basically, In the end, its all in our heads!

And point 0: Remember your Maker!🙏

Do you find these helpful?😉 Then please share your tips on Building Confidence…

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