Hot Seat-Period Leaks

Have you ever been on a hot seat? I mean really not literally lol. Well until you sit on it, do not say you understand.

Sandy, so meticulous in her ways had calculated and calculated and was sure her period will come in a fortnight. Seeing that she had an important meeting with a presentation to make, she then braced herself and made up her mind to remember. She put it as a reminder on her phone. Two days before the date, for want of space on her phone, she somehow deleted the reminder application.

It was the set date and Sandy was all dressed up and ready to go but then she was drawn back to the house and could not tell what exactly was pulling her back. Then it dawned on her,
“I have an appointment with my flow one of these days. Well, I will put on a sanitary pad just in case.”

When she got to the boardroom, the caliber of people she expected to see changed. These were not just her colleagues; now the people were more engaged and somewhat intimidating. With all the stress, she focused all her energy on her presentation. She was seated for about 6 hours concentrating and determined to give out the best. It was finally her turn to go give that brilliant presentation and immediately she made an attempt to get up, her beautifully worn pink dress had been kissed by a red Cameroon map. A lady behind her tried to stop her but she was too focused to get what the lady was trying to tell her. The kind lady quietly followed her with a shawl and placed around her dress. Many did not get what had happened but then, Sandy was already destabilized and could not help but wonder who had seen and who hadn’t. The rest of her day was spoiled and even the presentation she had worked so hard on became a total fiasco. Now she was finally done and could not take the kind lady’s shawl home. She had no extra sanitary napkins and there was no water to take care of herself. This even made things worse for her. It seemed like the more stressed she got the more her little friend flowed.

These things happen on a daily basis and it’s important to note most women are uncomfortable at this time of the month. It’s not enough to place the sanitary napkin, she has to mind her sitting posture, touch or check herself each time she has to stand up, in fact, it just keeps her on the edge.

So many got embarrassed and many attribute it to carelessness. While that might be the case, not always. Sometimes something could go off.

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Period leaks

The trickle of blood down your pant leg, ruining your clothes with a noticeable stain, drawing unwanted attention to your vagina, the feeling that everyone is staring at you, and no exit strategy. As dramatic as some can be, it doesn’t take much to turn a small leak into what feels like a full-blown crisis or a gunshot tussle.

Whether leaks happen in public or private, they are never convenient.

Three Ps of period leaks

Period leakage is the accidental bleeding that happens when your panties, products, and planning don’t sync up. It’s the embarrassing result of failed menstrual pads and products. Also, pad positioning matters.

In fact, there are two types of women: those who have had a leakage incident and those who will have a leakage incident.

Some causes of these situations include,

  • A miscalculated period date or a surprise from the period.
  • Heavy flow or sometimes referred to as menorrhagia, happens most frequently to teenagers and in perimenopausal women. During both of these life phases, estrogen levels run high while progesterone levels run low. The heavy flow could equally be a sign of disease or even abortion oops.
  • Poor placement of the sanitary napkin
  • Usage of the wrong sanitary material for your flow
  • Poor positioning during menses
  • An already full pad
  • A pad that wiggles loose or relocates.
  • A sneeze…it happens, we’ve all felt it lol.

Not every woman suffers from bloating or food cravings, sore breasts and pain during her period, but just about every woman has at least one embarrassing story about the time her period leaked. If it was a public leak, the story is probably even more memorable than a typical leak sprung while sleeping. Women mortified on their first day at a new job or shamed when standing up from the table on an important date. Some have adopted the attitude “Oh, that? That’s just…my period”. Funny right. I know.

While all these seem like a tale, it’s not. Some women have had to pull T-shirts over, carry big bags with spares, throw away priced possessions and all.

Helpful Tips

Some Tips to help with these embarrassing situations are:

  • Change on time
  • Find a sleeping position that helps u stay clean and adopt it during menses.
  • Use period trackers though not a hundred percent effective.
  • Wear suiting pants and pads for your period
  • Have a contingency plan just in case the leak eventually happens. It could range from carrying extra pads, clothes, wearing dull color clothes, etc.
  • Offices and working spaces and schools should be period friendly. Bosses could adopt a strategy where there is sanitary napkin supply and good water provision in the office so women can feel free at this time of the month.

Periods Don’t have to Equal Drama

In the end, we have to be one another’s keeper. It can happen to anyone. I urge even the men to get involved. You could remind your woman, give her your suit and so on. This embarrassment is shame enough; try not to shame more. Tell a girl not to tell a girl in this case.


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  1. Thanks so much for this write up. I now understand why we do have leaks and will try as much as possible to avoid them by following some of your suggestions.

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