HERO: For every Superwoman

Hero: A person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Because she is my Hero!

Dedicated to all Heroes.

Calm there she laid
As my gracious entrance was made
Those few seconds felt like rage
But my coming gave her grace.
She gave me a shot at childhood
I gave her a shot at motherhood
All the troubles I gave in the neighborhood
But she never left my hood
Because she is my Hero.

She made sure I went to school
And gave me a second schooling
Literacy in the world
Literacy in my world.
Because she is my Hero.

Up she stayed and wondered
Through my fierce nights of hunger
Up she stayed in pain
Through my awful nights of pain
Because she is my Hero

Great things she has to tell me
Caution she has to give me
Impeccable manners she has to teach me
Through right paths she always leads me
Because she is my Hero.

Not for a moment was I a burden
To her I am always her little maiden
Brought up to rest in Eden
Bootstrapped on my way to heaven
Because she is my Hero

Then the time came for me to be bigger
Sad she was but I could not linger
She wanted me for longer
But Hero hood called for me yonder
Because she is my Hero.


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