Wombed Man

It’s a new day in our ‘Celebrating Women Through Poetry‘ series. Missed the first? ‘A woman is not a potted plant‘ by Alice Walker is a must-read.

‘Wombed Man’ is another special read curated just for you. Enjoy!

'You look so girly'
You say that as though it's a crime to be girly.
I'm a girl,
Why shouldn't I be girly?
 My voice is so low,
My brows well carved,
My chicks straight out,
My hair neatly combed,
Because I'm a wombed man.
My hips are pointed out,
My breast well defined,
My butts well endowed,
My skin smooth,
I'm not ashamed of being a wombed man.
I'm a producer.
If you give me sperm,
I'll give you children.
If you give me food items,
I'll give you a meal.
If you give me a house,
I'll give you a home.
If you give me an idea,
I bring it to fruition.
Because I'm a wombed man
And not ashamed.
 Spiritually we are both 'man'
Physically we are 'male and female'
Created to serve a purpose
Why should I kill my femininity
Because the world doesn't celebrate women?
 I am the softer side of a male;
When he holds me, he holds
Something different from him.
When he talks to me, he is getting
Different ideas than what he gets
from his male partners.
 He treats me like treasure
because I'm nothing like anything he has ever seen before.
I'm a wombed man and
I am the backbone of every male.
I am his helpmate so there's no vision he can achieve without me.
 I have the power to control destinies
But because I was created to be kind, loving, weak, fearless, caring,
be a mother, I won't abuse that power.
I am a wombed man and I love to embrace my femininity.
My femininity is my strength
It is who I am
Created to fulfil God's purpose on earth.
I love who I am and I will make it to the top being a 'wombed man'.

By King Lore

King Lore (Ubangoh Loretha Asakwa) is a Cameroonian Blogger, content creator, and communications rep. She loves writing, eating, and promoting talents.
Find her writing on Facebook and Medium

What were your thoughts? Do you agree with the author’s affirmations? why or why not? Let’s chat!

4 thoughts on “Wombed Man

  1. i am a WOmbedMAN……….so cool
    i love the line
    I have the power to control destinies
    But because I was created to be kind, loving, weak, fearless, caring,
    be a mother, I won’t abuse that power.
    we are so powerful but we let love control that power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kuddos King Lore

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I particularly loved the fifth stanza. And I completely agree with the author’s affirmations.
    Spiritually we are the same – man and are equal. But, physically, we are different… Created to fulfill our specific purposes.

    Liked by 1 person

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